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N.J. Diamonds A Family Owned and Operated Dearborn Jewelry Store.

We are one of only two jewelry stores operating in Dearborn, MI for over 20 years. 'When Honesty Matters' our philosophy since day one of opening our doors in 1996. 'Honest' the word that most of our customers use to describe us when they refer someone to our jewelry store. We would love to work with you with what ever you might need done. Jewelry Repair, Jewelry Appraisal, Custom Designing a piece of jewelry or shopping for your diamond engagement ring. We are here to help you feel free to stop in to our store and let us know what we can assist you with. 

Custom Design Diamond Engagement Rings

  • Custom Design Engagement Rings

    Enhance your personal style with our bespoke designs that are offered in stunning white, striking yellow, and charming pink variations.

  • Custom by Z

    Explore the exquisite embodiment of love with a bespoke diamond engagement ring from the renowned jeweler, Z at N.J. Diamonds.

  • Custom Jewelry Designer

    Experience the epitome of elegance with our exquisitely tailored jewelry masterpieces, painstakingly handcrafted by the skilled professionals at N.J. Diamonds Custom by Z. Embrace the allure of our diverse selection, featuring both lab-grown and natural diamonds.

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