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When you make your one-of-a-kind custom design jewelry you work with the best when you work with us. Let our Jewelry Tell Your Story. 

You will have our exclusive Jewelry Designer working with you to design your custom made piece of jewelry using the latest Cad Cam Technology.  

Custom by Z only at N.J. Diamonds will work with you to make the perfect custom designed piece of jewelry. With over 25 years experience, designing one of a kind pieces of jewelry you will have a stress free experience. At N.J. Diamonds we use GIA certified Natural and Lab Created diamonds we have a GIA certified diamond grader on staff. 

Custom Designed Jewelry Pieces are done with-in the budget that you set we do not exceed the budget you set for your custom designed jewelry. 

GIA Diamond certificate with a two toned diamond engagement ring sitting ontop of the certificate. GIA certified diamonds at N.J. Diamonds Dearborn Jewelry Store.

Custom Design Your New Jewelry Piece.

If you are looking for a gift of jewelry that is truly unique and special, consider Custom Design Jewelry. At N.J. Diamond we’ve created hundreds of one-of-a-kind pieces of custom jewelry.  Don’t discount the potential of custom crafted jewelry, where the creativity is limited only by your imagination.  When you make your custom design piece of jewelry no matter if it's your diamond engagement ring or the name necklace you've always wanted you work with the best. When you work with us at N.J. Diamonds you will have our exclusive Custom by Z designer working with you and using Cad Cam Technology.  

Custom by Z only at N.J. Diamonds will work with you to make the perfect custom designed piece of jewelry. With over 20 years experience, GIA certified diamond grader and thousands of Custom Designed Diamond Engagement Rings and custom made jewelry. You can rest assured that you are only getting the best all within the budget you set. 

Start Your Custom Designed Piece of Jewelry
  • Custom Names

    Our custom name necklaces or bracelets are done in 14 karat, 18 karat, and 21 karat gold. White or Yellow gold.

  • Custom Designed Names

    Our Custom Designed Name Necklaces and Bracelets are all Hand Cut they are not thin sheets of Gold. Unlike other name necklaces and bracelets that are made of a thin sheet of gold ours are hand rolled out piece of gold and then cut by hand. After the design that you've asked for is cut it's then polished.

  • Hand Cut Custom Names

    Having your name custom made by hand is a special piece of Custom Jewelry that have been being made at our store since we opened in 1996. Our hand cut custom designed names are weighed after they are finished and attached either to a necklace or a bracelet. We charge $100.00 labor none refundable. We do not know the final price of your name until it's completed and put on a scale and weighed.

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